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The federal government has owned a patent for treating a number of diseases using cannabis extract for some time now. The federal government has also ran a medical marijuana program for a few decades providing each patient with about 8 ounces a month. These facts did not seem to matter for the scheduling. But I hope this time it will be different.

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I believe that the DEA has rescheduled cannabis extracts made by a pharmaceutical company into Schedule 3 or 4 substances.


They maintain that the cannabis plant or any extracts made by anyone other than a pharmaceutical company are still schedule 1 substances.


It is no wonder that there is so little trust in what our government tells us, eh?

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Don't hold your breath waiting for re-scheduling--we've had proof of medicinal value for eons, Congress simply doesn't recognize it! You can search numerous databases, including gov sanctioned ones, and find hundreds of studies demonstrating medicinal value.

In fact, the US gov has held a patent on Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants since 2003! The National Cancer Institute has entire new section on cannabinoids for cancer patients. There is a plethora of evidence, but none of it really seems to matter.

Many of us have long held the belief that marijuana would not become legal because Big Pharm would lose too much money (among other reasons, of course). Well, now they've managed to find a way to patent, package and profit off our sacred plant. They have adulterated it under the ridiculous guise of "improving" our medicine.

And the irony of making this anouncement today--I am disgusted! And of course insurance companies will profit, too, because they'll likely cover the cost if Big Pharm's producing it. UGH!!


This is just 1 more reason to be in Lansing in 5/25!!


(spelling edit)

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