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Professional Caregiver Here

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Professional caregiver here with high quality meds. I currently got some OG purple kush & a little Strawberry Cough. These both are cali style looking buds. The OG purple Kush, well cured and trimmed by machine and all long stem buds left only. I only deal with TOP SHELF MEDS. I guarantee my meds and have no problem ever exchanging them for any reason. I will only deal with patients or caregivers who have a card or correct paper work with i.d.

Please give me a call for details.


Please feel free to p.m on here, thanks Mark

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Welcome Mark! I wish you well!


if i was down near oakland county id move lol,,no id look ya up, i love variety,,,but im to far up north to do any p2p's with ya,,let me know if ya come up tawas city way and id love to get a nice sample from ya(paid sample of course)





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