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What A Great Collaboration

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Phoenix Tears Foundation is the first collaborative effort founded to pursue Cannabinoid research and treatment. Phoenix Tears Foundation has recognized and identified a need for the establishment of a Protocol, ensuring the ultimate in safety within the regards to implementation of patient regiment/treatments for cannabinoids.


Phoenix Tears Foundation has brought together top industry leaders, with decades of cannabinoid experience and research, creating the first standardized environment for extraction specification, and treatment.


With medicinal marijuana legalization in over a dozen states, and more to follow, Phoenix Tears Foundation realized the need to establish standards for research, treatment and certification. This need to teach and train becomes a critical necessity in regards to patient safety, treatment and effectiveness. We have currently established the first Institute to provide standards and certification for all care give support personnel. The certification will cover Medical Doctor’s training, nurse staff training, CNA training,


training, all aspects from grow operation and standards of use, certification of growers/ trainers, and general certification for all other dealings within the foundation. A Foundation training center is currently examining and setting standards and procedures.


Phoenix Tears Foundation will provide training in its approved methods and procedures. Trained personnel will have the possibility to receive foundation support. Phoenix Tears Foundation is currently in discussions with numerous medical doctor groups around the country, and will soon provide seminar training. Certifications will be issued upon successful completion of training.


To date, many Phoenix Tears Foundation patients have been treated. Some have achieved a better way of life, with a reduction in pain and other symptoms. In some cases, the patients have had a total remission of their ailments! We are currently concentrating efforts to determine what cannabinoid extractions are best for such diseases as PTSDC Cancer , SAD, Depression, MS, ALS, Diabetes, etc.


Cannabis Science has become associated with Phoenix Tears Foundation, and is ready to start procedural testing immediately. Possible FDA approval and backing could be very advantageous to the quickest possible cure/treatment for the Veterans returning from war. Phoenix Tears Foundation has access to decades of laboratory testing results and


from around the world, and the anecdotal evidence from multitudes of MD’s, PhD’s, and pertinent industry leaders. These people, are the first to come together to share their pool of resources and information.


Protocol procedures are being thoroughly tested, and due diligently pursued, to ensure the ultimate in compassion, standardization, productivity, accountability, savings, safety, and last but not least, the maximized GREEN thumbprint in regards to nutrient and lighting!


Phoenix Tears Foundation is proudly associated itself with Litro Grow’s nutrient and lighting.


With the combination of Litro Grow nutrient, and Litro Glow bulbs, you have a very simplified process to achieve professional results at a 60-65% cost savings over traditional growing




Litro Grow is a nutrient plant food, tested and approved, to be a safe and effective alternative to manmade synthetic chemicals. Over the past 50+ years, most growers justified the use of manmade synthetic fertilizers to enhance and stabilize plant growth. These manmade synthetic fertilizers are presenting new concerns in regards to their effects on the environment, land, air, waterways, and not to forget the people and animals that are eating the food.


With the introduction of Litro Grow nutrient, we have now eliminated any and all reasoning for the utilization of these manmade synthetic chemicals. Litro Grow Nutrient has not only been proven to grow with great results, but leads the industry in plant health recovery. Imagine, with legalization looming on the horizon, will we poison ourselves with the onslaught of 100 million new growers dumping chemical down the drains? It’s time now to train everyone on the newest, safest, energy efficient, growing technique to save our environment. LITRO GROW!


Litro Glow Bulbs provide an energy efficient alternative to the expensive high intensity discharge bulbs being used in most grow facilities. Using Litro Glow Bulbs, we have achieved grow results that meet and exceed the results from other grow methods. Imagine the additional benefits of Energy and Maintenance savings, Health benefits (Full Spectrum Lighting), Safety, and not withstanding, the utilization of our bulbs for plant/vegetative growth, all combined into an Energy savings T-8 format.


Litro Glow bulbs are similar to regular fluorescent lights in respect to installation only, no special ballast or fixtures required. Just install the Litro Glow bulbs in your regular fluorescent fixture and your ready for the WOW! Unlike normal fluorescent bulbs, Litro Glow has almost a 3-4 times longer lifespan, mainly due to the increase in electrode filament sizing, accommodating not only 120VAC but 240VAC as well.




* 5000° K Full Spectrum Emittance

* Proven Health benefits/Mood enhancement

* Extraordinary Plant /Vegetative Growth

* The Color Rendition Index (86) is a 1-100 scale measuring a light source’s ability to render colors the same sunlight does.

* Safety Enhancement – Promotes visual acuity when viewing security cameras, enabling superior vehicle/clothing color recognition.




* Bulb Type: T-8

* Life: 30-35,000 Hours

* Lumens: 2960

* 32 Watt

* 110VAC

* 5000° K Full Spectrum Emittance

* Standard and Custom Sizes and Types

* Non-Radioactive

* These bulbs containing Afterglow Phosphor Blend that enhances their performance






The special lighting provided by Litro Glow is proprietary. They are the only bulbs on the market with the Growth Enhancement Effect, in addition to all above mentioned features. Its T-8 format allows a residential/commercial OEM change over, with little or no expense. Numerous trials and experiments have been performed over the last few years, and the growth results are staggering. Experiments have shown as much as double the growth rate, comparative to normal growing procedures. Litro Grow Bulbs and Nutrient make it possible to grow in almost any environment, from a basement, to a garage, to a huge warehouse, achieving better results, at a lower cost that traditional growing systems and procedures.


Phoenix Tears Foundation is proud to introduce the collaboration of Cannabis Science, and Litro Grow. The combination of scientific experimentation and knowledge, and the introduction of the newest innovation in nutrient and lighting


, prove Phoenix Tears Foundation is a source to be acknowledged!


This collaboration will justify thousands of jobs coming to the arenas headquartered around Phoenix Tears Foundation’s. We are currently testing numerous products to provide foundation support, bringing new revenue sourcing on a very large scale. We are establishing networks throughout the country, as well as internationally, where the cannabis research and treatment protection is provided.


Currently Phoenix Tears Foundation is in communications with two countries for an International Foundation Headquarters. It could be up and running in as little as 30 days.


We have been told we will be granted protection by the Governments of these countries for all related Phoenix Tears Foundation research and treatment. We have had patients calling from all around the world. Many of these people are terminally ill and no existing alternatives have worked for them. Time is of the essence for these patients. These procedures and protocols Phoenix Tears Foundation is working on should eventually lead to some type of standardization around the world, which essentially could create worldwide protocol for treatment of illness.


Compassion is still the ultimate goal when addressing all terminal care. Today, so many organizations are so bound by the financial constraints imposed by government, all personal attention seems to have lost meaning. When help comes from an organization such as Phoenix Tears Foundation, many of these financial constraints can be overcome. Medical treatment should be formulated to give a conscious, caring, knowledgeable, standardized format for treatment, and should be done with compassion for the person being treated. Compassion should still be the standard by which our care is measured!



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