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Caregiver Cards Eta


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Guest OxXGarfieldXxO

Both of you guys will receive new cards. If I understand your situation: The patient applied for their card 35 days ago, and no cg was never chosen. This information will have to be on the patients card so this is why they will be sent a new card (the patients 1 year will start over from this new point. Happened to me with a patient that changed from another CG to me. This is to sync up the renewal dates so you and your patient aren't at different times). Now depending on if you have ever applied for a card before will really determine the time it takes to get you guys new cards. If you have already been vetted by the state for your criminal background check and you are in possession of a card already, the check will not take as long (but no way to pin a time). If this is your first patient, be ready for a 4-7 month wait.


As for planting for this patient you really should wait the 21 days to be safe. If no rejection of your addition to the patients account, it would be safest to wait the 21 days rather then rely on speculation (which is what we'd all be doing if we said anything otherwise).




If you're already a CG, and he's a carded/paper user you can in the mean time supply him much like a dispensary would. As a CG you can pass on overages to a carded user, and a patient can receive from any source legal or black-market and be covered. But I don't think I would jump right in to add another 12 plants until the waiting period is over just to be safe.



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