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Let Me Try This Hello Again

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As I said, Im Tim and run a harvesting company, I only have a few clients as this is a fairly new company but I have been harvesting my caregivers plants for some time now.

@wolf thanks for the welcome! Iv checked out some of the forum, theres alot to read here!


by interesting strains ODAWADANNY, last week did some cheese, great white shark, big bang, dynamite and bubba kush. just recently started working with great white shark which was one of the more difficult strains to harvest, but not nearly as bad as the gods gift.


I do not want any buisness from anyone who is not legally growing, and no one works with me unless they are a patient as I am and everyone else on my team are.


lol if anyone honestly feels this is a setup i will disclose my paperwork before any plants are touched or seen...


and no I trim for no one illegally, feds can read this post and track me down, nothings going to happen because its legal...


All the indoor plants I have worked with are fairly leafy, of course it might have something to do with my customers organic methods. Im not an expert on growing but it takes some time to properly harvest and cure a plant.


Again there is nothing illegal about hiring patients to trim your plants, why is everyone freaking out so hardcore? and why was my previous topic locked?


regardless I do encourage everyone and anyone to make sure who you hire to help you trim is completely legal and a registered patient, otherwise you may find yourself in some major legal trouble. Canna Cutters doesnt have this problem. I would appreciate if my topics stayed open and not removed for no reason from here on out thank you.


now as for a little about myself personally, Im a huge red wings fan! not lookin good so far though.

I also enjoy a good game of chess.

Im still in college, going for radiologic technology and should have my degree in about 2 years!

I also work at a car wash, so as you can imagine im very busy!


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@blueberry, I had discussed the advertising with OxXGarfieldXxO and he said "Post in he appropriate area and only post once a month. That doesnt mean you can post once in every section of the forum. One ad. One place. One time a month."


now I posted 2 ads because the first one was removed, now the 2nd one has been removed, are you telling me every single person in that section is paying just to post some information there? and how much is that fee?


@ODA, i understand, we gotta look out for each other, you never know who is who you know? but its coo, just trying to start a small business in this tough economy is NOT easy


oh like lacrosse? I love that game! yea the wings need to pull it out of the hat, 1 more game and it may be over.

indeed, but i like it, very medicinal! just not the most fun to harvest ;)

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Guest thequietone

We allow caregivers one free ad that they can bump once a month. As you are not offering caregiver services you don't qualify for that option. Look for a PM from me shortly.

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Hello Tim -


welcome. the service that you offer most likely could be of great value to many farmers. certainly people don't want to get into any legal grey areas, but it is clear that your service appears to be above board. i will venture to guess... time and relationship building is where it's at for you and your new business. consider letting the community get to know you more through your posts.


street smarts have always proven to be the best policy regarding a grow scenario = tell/show absolutely no one. yes, i am talking about legal grows. patient's lives are one the line in some instances and would not survive any interruption in their medicine supply. not to mention, anyone new should need a background check equivalent to a new bank teller. security is a top priority and perhaps this may lend to people, "freaking out". you may already be perfectly aware of this, but as you stated, you are not a grower. i thought that i'd present a candid reply from a legal growers perspective.


i've never met a farmer that didn't need help trimming, so i do believe that you have chosen an important niche. good luck w/ your endeavors.


ps- where do you attend college? what metro area are you near?

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