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That Freaking Counter

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Usually this is the result of some external components of the page that are failing or taking forever to load.


Most websites pull in data from and cross-reference data on a number of sites that are not located on the same web server. For example, a page might have scripting components that serve up targeted advertisements using Google AdSense. When you visit that page, the visible parts of the page load right away but the AdSense servers may be experiencing an outage or a delay. The page status will indicate that it is still "connecting to <site>", and may never get to "Done loading" page.


It's nothing to really worry about, as long as you have some faith that the site you are visiting is a reputable one and you have some decent Antivirus and AntiMalware software ready to bail you out. Better yet: Make sure that you save one of your 5 caregiver spots for a computer geek who wouldn't mind doing some work for trade (*Hint hint*).

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