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League Of Women Voters Oakland Cty Panel Discussion 5/5

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My wife and I attended this event this evening at the Bloomfield Twp Hall hosted by the League of Women Voters of Oakland Cty. It was a panel discussion about the status of MMJ in Oakland Cty. Representing Oakland was Beth Hand (donkey't prosecutor for Oakland), Charlie Crist (lawyer for Ferndale), Marilyn ? (mayor of Berkley) and Neil Rockind (representing patients, also the lawyer suing Royal Oak and Bloomfield Twp due to their restrictive local ordinances related to mmj.


There was a very good showing of folks from the mmj community attended this event. I would guess about 40-50 people total.


I could go on for a page or two detailing the he said she said discussions. The bottomline was it was all the usual bs from the gov't lackeys.


Neil made the best presentation of anyone there. It was a fantastic defense of patients and one could not come away from the event believing that Neil was the most compassionate and honest person on the panel.


To me the most telling part of the evening was an audience q & a part at the end. Someone submitted the following, "Do you personally believe that a person in hospice care should be allowed to use mmj for pallative relief". NONE OF THE POLITICIANS COULD SAY YES. WTF???? Out of one side of their mouth they were uttering the standard sound bite, "there are too many people that are not truly sick getting certified." And then an hour latter they could not state on a "personal" basis that a person certified as "dying" is sick enough to be able to use mmj.


I do not know who placed the question but it should be the number one question asked whenever there is an opportunity in a forum like this. It really exposes their hypocrisy.

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... It really exposes their hypocrisy.

All politicians take a the Hypocritical Oath, similar to a doctor's Hippocratic Oath.

The Hypocritical Oath states:

  • Do no action that could damage your chance at election/re-election
  • Do no action that could damage your ability to fund raise
  • Do no action that could assist your opposition, even if it may assist your constituents
  • Do no action that does not directly benefit your political career



Add more to the list, its fun for the whole family!

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