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Well my mother age 73 has been thinking about using MMJ since I started CG'ing. She has too many ailments to list but basic facts of internal problems with lack of food intake and migraines. She saw her internist on Friday and asked if the office would sign a recommendation. This office does not have any affiliation with MMJ community. But they heard her arguments and they agreed that it should help her. I know this is rare. But it should be known to patients that they can go to their regular doctor.


I being new to the community went to a paper mill. I will admit that. I also saw the flaws in the rubber stamp and found a new doctor for my self / my patients that actually care.




This was my back up plan if my mother's Doctor turn her away. There are good people that are willing to go the extra mile. If your in need of getting a recommendation or renewing and do not like where you went first. Go to someone you trust or care for your well being!

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Guest Medicinal Patient

Dr Dave Crocker and his staff over at Michigan Holistic Health are very compassionate. I will be getting my renewal there. Thank you to all the great compassionate drs out there making a life changing difference in sick peoples lives.

Peace and Blessings to you all. :goodjob:

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