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Medical Marijuana Ads Could Be Bad Medicine For Radio Stations

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Medical marijuana ads could be bad medicine for radiostations


Please Note-This will not in any way have an impact on Planet Greentrees.


From today'sTRI Newsletter: In 2009, the Obama administration signaled it was going to layback on enforcement in states that had passed medical marijuana bills. But recently, Democratic Attorney General Eric Holder is beginning to sound likehis recent Republican predecessors, writing governors in states where the legislature is considering legislation. Now Pillsbury attorney Scott Flick says “not long ago, the FCC received its first complaint about a station airing medical marijuana ads, and with the next license renewal cycle beginning on June 1,there likely will be many more.” The complaints could just be from folks who have some animus toward the licensee, not those who object to the lega ldispensing of cannabis to patients in pain. Reviewing the changed attitude of AG Holder, Flick says “the federal government is certainly not feeling ambiguous about activities related to the sale of medical marijuana any more.”The AG also recently cracked down on Internet gambling ads – making you suspectthe calendar has slipped back to 2001 and the early years of the Bush presidency.








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