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Posted 09 September 2010 - 08:03 PM


Once in a great while, a law gets passed that limits the powers of the government.


Our MMA law is one of those kind of laws. Instead of being a tool to arrest people with, this law has a target of the government.


In a recent ruling, a Michigan court of appeals ruled the protections given in the MMA are rights.


That elevates the need of the system to pay attention to the direct order of the voters of Michigan. We are talking about civil rights violations. It’s time to shake the “gray” out of your head. You have had nearly two years to come to understand the direct orders of the voters of Michigan.


Attention government officials This law is for YOU to obey.


This law, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, has direct orders within it. These are civil rights that were granted to us by the voters of Michigan. You are the ones that have legal boundaries that can’t be crossed.


This is one source of “gray areas” that government officials claim to see. They simply can’t understand that they are no longer allowed to do the things that are being done. They don’t understand that the voters set limits on them.


Orders are given to police in this law. Orders are given to judges. Orders are given to every sub-branch of bureaucratic government. A new crime was defined that only an employee of any level of state or local government can commit. And that crime carries a six month jail term.


Only a government official can commit this crime. Police officers are supposed to go to jail, when they do this. I doubt that even one single police department has warned their officers that they could go to jail for this crime.


These direct orders, from the voters of Michigan, are civil rights.


These orders from the voters, these civil rights, include our expectation that these officials obey their duty to perform.


One of the most basic of these orders is to the judges in our courts: “the case shall be dismissed.”

This can not be directed to anyone but the judge. The defendant can not dismiss their own case. It doesn’t read “may be dismissed.” It is in terms of a absolute command. SHALL be dismissed.


It is a civil right to expect you to obey this direct command from the voters. Judges have this duty to perform placed on them directly by the voters. There is no option for them.


And this duty to perform was placed on them in every case “involving marihuana.” Every one! No exceptions! By order of the voters!


It’s easy to see how resistance to this idea about citizens ordering judges could generate a “gray area.” It’s much simpler to fail to understand the order. An order about civil rights.


There are areas that are direct orders to police. Remember, these are civil rights. Your duty to perform. A duty placed upon you by the people of Michigan.


To start with, you can’t take our pot.


It’s legal, deal with it.


Here’s a quote of the section of law I’m talking about:


Section 4 (h) Any marihuana, marihuana paraphernalia, or licit property that is possessed, owned, or used in connection with the medical use of marihuana, as allowed under this act, or acts incidental to such use, shall not be seized or forfeited.


You see, not only is the marijuana itself protected from you, so is everything around the marijuana.


These things are not to be seized. You can’t just take them anymore. Whatever allowed police officers to reach out and take things before 12/4/2008 no longer applies. It is a civil right granted to us by the voters to expect you to obey this order.


You can’t take it anymore. Deal with it.


Not only is this an order to police, it is also an order to the courts of Michigan. The police officer can not take it and no judge is allowed to keep it. By order of the People of Michigan. The duty of every police officer and judge in Michigan is to obey. There is no legal option.


Police are rarely exposed to new civil rights. When these kind of events take place, it is typical to expect resistance. Think of the late 50’s and early 60’s. It took a very long time to get our legal systems to comply with direct orders.


These are simple things, within the MMA, to understand. These order are not “gray” at all.


You can’t take or keep our stuff and the case must be dismissed. See!! Very simple.

New civil rights. Very simple.



When will the A G in MICHIGAN START DOING HIS job! He is violating his oath of office by not protecting the Michiganders who approved this CIVEL RIGHT in the state. He should be charging these Judges/Prosecutors/Sheriffs and LEO for civil rights violations!



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