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Any Sci Patients

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Any one with a SCI? I'm a 8yr+ C6-C7 Quad. Use MM for spasms and nerve pain. Ate ten Vicodon a day before MM now 3-4 a day depending alot on the weather. Looking for a van (not full size) for transportation something with front tyedowns. Hand controls would be great but those are expensive. Just putting it out there, you never know.

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Hi Litljon,

Any luck finding a van yet?


I don't have SCI, but I can keep my eyes peeled for ads for van for sale: My husband has Multiple Sclerosis & we get magazines every 3 months from a Michigan MS organization. Those magazines have classified ads, and I've seen used vans for sale in those classifieds before. If I see something I'll let you know.


The change in weather is a pain isn't it? My husband has lots more muscle spasms in these times where the weather changes drastically, like from 60 degrees to 90 degrees in a day. MM helps his spasms too.

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