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Close Friend Lost Her Newborn

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I don't have all the answers, and I don't understand how this kinda thing could happen to such a innocent child.


A friend contacted me via Face book, and informed me a close friend lost her baby 17 days after birth, I don't know all the details yet But this is a tragedy.


Hits close to home for I have lost so many in my life but never a newborn... I will see if she will create a account and tell her story. They can't afford the funeral, and the grief that comes along with it. She is currently seeking help via donation to help with costs of the hall and funeral.


Thanks for reading, I will update when I get more info.


Trix :bong2:

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This is heart breaking to hear!! (tears) my heart and soul goes out to that mother and family!! Again no parent should have to lose their child.. but i hope that rather then become bitter from the pain that at some point she can find peace in her heart that one day she will see her child again and that its in a far better place then we are right now to be honest... bless them all peace and love shining.. ps if i had the funds id sure help but i simply dont forgive me.....

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