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Want To Become A Caregiver In Mid Michigan


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Mature female with healthcare training (former Certified Nursing Assistant) who wants to become a caregiver for patient(s) in the mid michigan area. Located just west of Clare. Live with a registered patient and caregiver and I have seen the difference medical marijuana can make! Working on a variety of medibles and oils to improve THC uptake. If you or someone you know needs a caregiver in my area please email me. Thanks :rolleyes:

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Hey - former Cardiac Nurse Assistant here - man, did WE do all the work of those nurse and doctors..


You need to get involved in a local club - this is the best way to get the message out to legitimate patients.

You can also make up business cards and get a 'pay-as-you-go" phone from 7-11 or ?

This way - no one can trace your name or address with the phone number.


I see you want to offer oils and such, you should offer many things - you still need to offer medicine in bud form - as this is still the most popular. I never found a patient who solely just used medibles or caps, oils.


I want to see more professional healthcare workers in this field - this is about patient care, and we are the best qualified people out there to work with patients! Our experience in talking with patients to ask questions about their health, to monitor for mental status changes, to uphold ethical behavior that ensures we will only do what is best for the patient - what they need, not want.


Welcome - find me at thc4u.com



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