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Plan For A Little Rain

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hate to jink us but it might rain a little so be ready, dont let it rain on our parade :)



If ya dont have rain gear swing into a dollar store and grab yourself a throw away poncho.



I also plan on picking up a roll of cheap clear plastic trash bags to put over rally signs.....the ink sometimes runs when it's wet out so why not protect them :)

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I'm prepared for the rain, and wishing they are wrong. It won't be very warm either so be prepared for that too. What a bummer but if we still show up in large numbers, it'll be an added plus for us because they'll know we're serious enough to brave bad weather, though I doubt we'll be out there long, it won't be good for musicians and those who are very ill, so I hope it'll be ok or at least we can have the music part at the Loft, let's just hope the weather turns out to be decent. The politicians are prob'ly glad for the rain, thinking it'll keep us at home.



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