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When I Get Knocked Down.

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So many times I have thought I have been there, but then I just get pushed back down. So many times in this world have I seemed to be on the right path and yet it seems to lead to nowhere. I was lost and I found myself. Putting all things aside I went and found the place that I found, home. As I sit back and look at the big picture it has become clearer. People are afraid of change. We have all been trained one way and those of us that see the world in a different view are viewed upon as different. I see us as those that see the world as it is and life is something that is different, from what most see. We don't follow the pack but we have our own pack. Too many times we will be called upon to carry a burden that no one will write down in history. But in my eyes and my mind each and every one of you that puts your name into the fire I will remember. If one does not step forward and take the leap of chance, there will be no chance for all who come after. We shall not bury our heads or hide in fear. We shall rise up and show the world what is taught is not always right. Take my hand and we shall go forward and bring this justice to the eyes of many. Only few shall see the right and the many will be in the wrong. But you and I will know as we step into the light that there will always be justice. Feel no more pain, feel no more anguish, feel no more loneliness, fear no more heartache for we are in this together and they shall not keep us down.




Just a little bit that has been building up in my mind. Remember those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

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The funny thing is, I was really scared to go public but the newspaper here outed me-yes first and last name. Kinda freaked me out at first but in the long run it was extremely liberating. I live in a place where people get knocked down constantly. You loose when you quit getting up.

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Something unforeseen is going on- we the so-called weak are growing strong, and crying out for what we know is right, accused because WE HAVE THE GUTS TO FIGHT!


Thank you mayorshaggy37 for all you do, and thank you to all who have become part of this community. I know this is not how you planned on spending your days, but at least we all have eachother. You have all given me the strength to rise above my fears and get out of my comfort zone to stand with you in Lansing.


It was scary for me to be there but I know how important it is that I go. We can be strong in our UNITY and knowledge that our cause is JUST. All my life, I've been on the fringes of society- an outcast, a wandering gypsy, rebel, constantly being knocked down, often it takes awhile for me to find the strength to get back up and live to fight another day. This warrior is exhausted, as we all are, but we find STRENGTH in our sense of Justice and our need to be heard. Freedom is our goal, not just for our community, but for everyone who's rights are being trampled on.


May we all come together in happier times. :wub:


Sincerely, Sb :)

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