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Caregiver With Patient Opening

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All of my patients are real patients with legitimate illnesses (AIDS, cancer, MS, etc). Unfortunately, one of my patients has passed away and thus I have an opening for a new patient.


I follow the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program laws to the letter. I am aware that there are some gray areas of the law that some partake in, but I do not partake in the gray areas. If you want to partake in this, then I am not the caregiver for you. You must have your physical card. Paperwork only will not be accepted under any circumstances. Paperwork is too easy to forge. I WILL be checking your card against your PHOTO ID. And you can see mine, of course. I want all parties to feel comfortable with each other.


All of the strains that I grow are done so in a CLEAN, controlled, and bug-free environment. Everything is grown in soil and are done so organically. All medicines are cured properly and are mold-free, have great color, great smell, and great taste.


I currently have three strains: White Widow, Sour Diesel, Juicy Fruit


When you become my patient, if these strains are not suitable to your liking, I will get and grow whatever strain of medicine that you may need.


I believe that this medication truly helps those that are in need of it. Thus I try to keep cash donations reasonable and as close to my costs as possible. PM me for details. I'm in the Livingston County area. 517-304-8381

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