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Got Apollo 13 Indica Seeds?


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Hi all,


First post. MMMJP


Im Looking for Apollo 13 Indica seeds. Anybody know where I can get these? Had this strain once..Need it again! I tried to email tricloud.


Any help would be great. In Macomb area.


Thanks in advance!

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Call these guys.




Hydro Care

3626 Miller Road

Flint, MI 48503


They carry tga subcool strains and are cool people.

If they don`t have it in stock they will be able

to tell you when they will.


Peace, Afi

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Thanks for the replys and info!


Maybe its been asked already? Whats the difference?


Apollo 13 (Indica) Apollo 13 = P75 x Genius P75 = Princess Back Crossed


Apollo 13bx Apollo 13 x Vortex.


I dont know what I had in the past. Stringy, tall plants I know for sure. I dont think I had the bx. Has anyone tried both, are they real close, is one better? just wondering. The one I had was real deal!


I did a big circle of strains and thats the one I should have stayed with!



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exactly... you beat me to it Indica lol...


I'd like too! If I could track them down I would grab them. I sent tricloud a email through their site, hope they respond with details on acquiring them .


Thanks again

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PM him on here and he will get back to u sooner. He is almost out of these. What is left is at the dispensary in Mt. pleasant I believe. The only reason I referred u to Subcool is because I know Tricloud said he bread his Apollo to be more Sativa Dominate but I hear Tricouds is awesome. Peace, Afi

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Hey thanks guys. I don't have any Apollo13 seeds, might be a pack or 2 at the Mt Pleasant CA dispensary. You can find an occasional indica dominate plant from our A13 seeds but they are few and far between.


We are working on an Apollo13 x Apollo11 cross. Test seeds are being grown out. I doubt we will find many indica dominate plants in those seeds but only time can tell. To be honest I'm not sure if we will continue making large batches of seed for release. Most growers in Michigan want clones instead of seeds.


Seeds don't move very quickly and it's lots of work trying to distribute them. Not many dispensaries want to sell our seeds and it's a long drive to those dispensaries that are interested.


No final decisions have been made but we may switch to clones or even just pull out of the genetic biz all together....

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