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Forgot To Send Application/renewal Certified Or Registerd?

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Hello, I just ran into the same issue. I got busy in my hectic life and am new to the process (renewing for me :P) I sent in my application with payment, BUT FORGOT TO SEND CERTIFIED OR REGISTER!!!!

So I can't imagine me being the only person to screw up and forget to send the application/renewal certified or registered. BUT it happens and has happened to me. So I looked everywhere for information on what to do and got very little. So after ALOT of stress i figured it out and wanted to share it so others won't have to stress if they find them self's in this situation.




If Used a Check - (from my understanding please fill in the blanks if needed)


Simply call your bank and ask them if the check has been cashed and then ask for a photocopy. simple enough.




1) call number on back of receipt (the little piece of paper you ripped off the end)

2) verify its been processed

3) wait 1-5 day for money order to clear

4) call number on back of receipt and request PHOTOCOPY proof of money order beign cashed.

5) Receive photocopy and staple with rest of paperwork for.


Now go get your medication!


Be Safe!

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