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Bad Patients? How To Remove?


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Well long story but I need some info on removing a patient. He wont sign off, so I need to find out how to do this. Thanks,



Had to help my friend Denise do same for CG who disappeared. In her letter she simply explained she had lost contact with CG and she did receive her patient card. She also sent registered letter to last address of CG she had so they wouldn't be left hanging in the wind if something happened. Hope this helps and all works out for the better.


Part A Patient info (so they know who you are talking about)

Part B check remove caregiver


And include a letter explaining the whole thing. In most cases this is the most important.

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There is no formal MMMAct Administrative Rule directing how a caregiver may drop a patient. However, according to Melissa Peters, a manager from the MMMP who explained this personally to me, a caregiver may discontinue service to a patient at any time, with or without reason, and they should notify the patient of their action immediately because there could be medical complications for the patient. Do the following to indicate your acting in good faith to the MMMP and the patient who, after all, would likely still need another source for meds after your disconnection.

1) Write a letter to the MMMP indicating you wish to drop caregiver service and specifically name one or more patients. In your letter provide your name, address, driver license number or an actual photocopy, the MMMP caregiver ID card(s) numbers of those patients you wish to drop. And according to a published rule you are supposed to send back the actual plastic ID cards.

2) Notify your one or more patients personally, in writing, and/or by phone that you are dropping them from your caregiver service.

3) According to Melissa Peters the MMMAct is silent whether there is a 21 day waiting period before such a cancellation takes effect, and to consult a lawyer. I checked with two lawyers expert on this law and both agreed that courts likely would back the 21 days waiting period because nearly all other forms submitted to MMMP are subject to it.

4) The MMMP will notify the patient in writing that they received a notice of cancellation from you as caregiver. [Can't say how long it will take the MMMP to notify the patient of the change.] The MMMP will mail a new ID card to the patient indicating they have no caregiver and also they may possess their 12 plants. The MMMP won't reply directly to the caregiver of this change even though the caregiver started the change process. Presume 21 days needs to pass before this change takes effect. If the patient wishes to name a new caregiver, on Day 22 a patient would be permitted to submit a Change Form with $10 specifying the new caregiver who must submit their Caregiver Attestation and driver license copy. That Change Form then takes 21 more days to become effective.

5) Obviously you're no longer legally entitled to grow/possess those ounces and/or plants previously covered under the caregiver cards now cancelled.


Hoping this helps your efforts,



Green Cross Compassion Club, Lansing

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