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My Friend Made Me Do It!

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Just yankin' your crank folks... honestly I have nothing against the use of Marijuana for any reason at all medically or not. I don't want to beat a dead horse but I'd rather see someone smokin' some weed while eating a bag of Frito's then someone get into a vehicle after taking three shots of whiskey at 1:30 in the morning. The fact that we have policies and laws in place to make it available for medical use makes the drug just that much more appealing. I have chronic migraines and lower-middle back pain along with a few other problems caused from my time in the Army and although I don't use marijuana for the pain I may opt to since currently I'm in the military and my medicines are paid for but two months from now when I get out I might have to pay out of pocket at the pharmacies and I might give serious thought to the use of marijuana as a replacement drug.


I just wanted to see hello to everyone and give my support. When I see something worth while and with so many people with so much passion toward it I can see no reason not to support it. I just pray that our government doesn't get it's hands on this so much that they strangle it to death with regulations and restrictions... and added taxes/costs. I will never understand why people with so much money need so much more.


See you in two months!!

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dont wait. just cuz you get poisens (errr pharma meds) for free, is no reason to keep taking them.


if you knew the army was giving you a dose of arsenic in your coffee every day, would you continue to drink it just cuz its free?

He's still in the service.(Federal service)

So good luck when discharged and THANK YOU.

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