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Medical Marijuana As Treatment For Endometriosis

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Medical Marijuana As Treatment For Endometriosis










In the past week I have taken care of 4 patients who use medical marijuana to control the pain associated with endometriosis. Each of these patients were younger than 30 and had been managed medically prior to coming to see me. Amazingly, all of them had an almost complete resolution of their symptoms when they medicated with marijuana. These reports are extraordinary as endometriosis is often debilitating and outside of surgery and hormonal therapy very difficult to treat.


Pelvic pain is the most common symptom associated with endometriosis and was also the main symptom in my patients. In addition, they combined experienced either dysmenorrhea (painful periods), dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and dysuria (painful urination). In all cases it was severely debilitating to their life and when they were symptomatic 3/4 could not work.




Cannabis indica is a strain of marijuana that is higher in cannabidiol (CBD). Researches suspect that CBD is responsible for the reduction in inflammation associated with chronic inflammatory states. Endometriosis is a condition where the cells that line the uterus (endometrium) are present outside of the uterus (most common on the ovaries, fallopian tubes and pelvic wall). It is these cells that can bleed, releasing inflammatory mediators locally causing pain.


All of my patients reported getting the most benefit from a strain of cannabis called OG Kush, which is an indica strain. In preparing myself for this blog I could not find any study or evidence that has looked at comparing different strains. But my patients anecdotal evidence is exciting.


They each had a huge improvement in their uality of life as a result of being able to manage the pain. One stopped taking any other medications altogether. Each were able to work when they became symptomatic. In addition, my one patient reported that “sex was actually enjoyable again.” This is very exciting and the type of outcomes I am seeing daily in my practice.


I would love to see some more research comparing medical marijuana to some of the more traditional therapies in treating this complex disease (from a pain management standpoint)


If you suffer from endometriosis and are looking for an alternative treatment, I encourage you to discuss using cannabis with your doctor. If they are unwilling to recommend it to you I will be happy to sit down and see if it makes sense.


I hope this blog gives you some hope! Hang in there.


Be blessed,


Dr. Breen




Posted by:


Michael Komorn




via Dr. Breen.



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I do suffer from Endo and a cyst of my overy. On a bad month I can go through 60 vicoden Es. I do use indica"s for my pain. I have never used OG kush. I am also trying to let my tricones turn more amber on this grow to see if this will help my pain. I can not say that any stain has taken the pain away 100%. But I can say that without these meds I don't think I could even stand the pain. I would be in the ER every month. I had surgery last years and am back to the same pain. I am in search for a strain that is good for pain but will not make me want to sleep all day. In my room now is Pineapple Ex, Dog bunny muffin, Afghan, chemdog, ATF and Super lemon haze..

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