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Cu Police Post 420 Pics Online, Offer $50 For Each Id’D Pot Smoker


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"Oh The Times They Aren't A Changing" (Sorry Bob)


we had a family friend fired a few years back for attending a 420 event and photographed just 'holding' a bong. The photos were posted on facebook and a supervisor who was 'friended' to her account seen the photo and brought it to the attention of company security and HR. Eighteen years of dedicated service and its all shot to hell for an innocent photograph of someone doing absolutely nothing illegal.


An Oldie But Not A Goodie




The campus police at the University of Colorado in Boulder have posted 150 rather damning photos of the annual 420 party at Farrand Field last week and are offering $50 a pop for identifications of the pot-smoking folks in the photos.


Lieutenant Tim McGraw said the photos were posted late Thursday evening. When word got out Friday morning, "the phones were ringing off the hook," he told New West.


By mid-afternoon Friday, 50 people had been identified, McGraw said.


The 420 party (held at 4:20 on 4/20, of course) has been an annual event for the past several years and McGraw admits, it's been a frustrating case to crack. He said this is not the first time the Police Department has gathered photos of the party and the university often threatens in the days prior to the party that photos will be taken. But this year is the first that the department has used the web for an identification tool on the party pics.


Identified students will be sent to the university's Judicial Affairs department and may face university sanctions. But, they likely won't be criminally charged, McGraw said.


As for the photographer who snapped all the up close shots of smiling, boasting smokers (and one streaking blond guy), McGraw said, "we're not describing who took (the photos) right now."

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