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Oaksterdam University returns to Ann Arbor, Michigan

September 3rd - 5th, 2011

Call 510-251-1544 to enroll


Oaksterdam University, the first trade school in the America offering quality training for the cannabis industry, will be returning to Ann Arbor during Labor Day Weekend. If you want to become a patient, caregiver, cannabis legalization advocate, or are interested in working in the cannabis field, OU is for you!



Basic Seminar (2-Days) ONLY $250


Saturday and Sunday classes 10am-5pm both days


Politics and History, Federal and State Legal Issues, Working with your Local Government, Civics

This course will cover the political history of cannabis and important recent legal decisions that affect patients’ rights and the blossoming cannabis industry. Discuss specifics of the laws that govern cannabis distribution, cultivation, possession, and consumption for medical patients and their caregivers. Get the latest information on how current court decisions affect you. Learn how to protect your rights in a police encounter. Have your questions answered by prominent cannabis experts, lawyers and advocates.


Learn how to start a garden, grow cannabis medicine from seed or starter plant, and produce a quality harvest. Experienced horticulture instructor Jeff Jones will detail the basics of watering, lighting, ventilation, cycles, and equipment options. Information regarding outdoor and indoor cultivation will be presented, including hydroponics. Even experienced gardeners can learn from the detailed presentations about pest control, smell abatement, security, pH balance, and drying/curing. Learn how to grow quality medicine safely and responsibly.


Methods of Ingestion: Cooking, Extracts and Concentrates, Vaporizing, Medical Applications for Mainstream Medicine

Who knew there were so many ways to ingest cannabis? A plethora of alternatives to smoking cannabis are now available, including confections, cheesecakes, salad dressings, and drinks. Learn the basics of how to cook with cannabis. Instructors discuss whole plant medicine and extracts, and how to regulate and titrate dosages to use in your own recipes. Learn about the different extraction methods and equipment used.

Unlock the science of cannabis with Dale Sky Jones

Understand the body’s interaction with the cannabis plant, therapeutic applications and explore scientific research summaries for clinical uses.

Becoming a qualified Patient or Caregiver

Learn how to become a qualified patient and/or caregiver under Michigan law. This class is written by attorneys and expert witnesses that testify in medical marijuana court cases and participate in their local government.


*We are interested in offering breakout groups for advocates of other states to network! Please tell admissions if you are interested in participating in a breakout session during specific Michigan law classes, and tell us which state you are interested in! If enough folks want, we will make this happen!



Advanced Seminar (1-Day) ONLY $100


Any Student who has ever attended any OU 101, OUMI 101, or Oakland Prerequisite classes CAN ATTEND just the Monday 102 Seminar!


Monday classes 10:00am-5:00pm


Special Growing Class! Earth Friendly Cannacultureäusing Organics & Veganics with Kyle Kushman


Taught by Kyle Kushman, a cannabis cultivation expert with nearly 20 years of experience teaching organic growing techniques. Kyle is famous for his 15+ year association with High Times Magazine, where he distinguished himself by writing dozens of stories covering all methods of cannabis cultivation and enjoyment.


· Learn Veganic Cultivation Techniques to Grow the Healthiest Medicinal Cannabis Possible


· Earth Friendly Cannacultureä has the Lowest Impact on the Environment of all Cultivation Methods


· Utilize Beneficial Bacteria, Enzymes, Microbes, and Fungi to grow bigger, healthier, more disease-resistant plants


· Maximize your efforts with Advanced Yield Techniques



Patient Relations

Learn the ins and outs of great patient service by effectively and responsibly care giving for medical cannabis patients. Learn about the different strains and their effects. Knowing which strains help various medical conditions allows you to provide helpful, knowledgeable service to patients in need.



Eighty percent of Americans agree that the current policy of prohibition has failed. Oaksterdam University students, alumni, volunteers, faculty, staff and instructors are working hard with local and state government to make safer communities through the regulation of cannabis. This short class will help you facilitate the discussion about the economic benefits of regulating the sales and commercial cultivation for medical and adult use. Class includes facts and talking points on how regulating hemp and cannabis offers solutions for our economy, creating jobs.


Michigan Cannabusiness 102

Explores opportunities to take agriculture and the business aspects of cannabis to a new level, with Michigan experts and attorneys providing insight to the lesson plan.


*We are interested in offering breakout groups for advocates of other states to network! Please tell admissions if you are interested in participating in a breakout session during specific Michigan law classes, and tell us which state you are interested in! If enough folks want, we will make this happen!


All students will receive a disc with all of the binder information on it included with the price of the seminar. We will also offer a limited amount of printed OU Binders for $40. Please reserve your printed copy when you register to be sure you receive one! Oaksterdam University required horticulture textbooks and 10 Rules For Dealing With Police DVD are available for purchase in advance, online, or at the event (limited supplies).


Please call admissions (510) 251-1544 to enroll right away. This seminar sold out last year. We are trying to bring the full Oaksterdam Student Experience to Michigan in a way you can afford, so we are offering a special reduced enrollment for this seminar. During the weekend, you will be able to purchase an Oaksterdam Lanyard to hold your patient identification. Also available, the OU Student ID Card (take a photo and your ID will be mailed to you). We will take an optional class photo that will be e-mailed to anyone participating in the photo (planned for Sunday, optional participation).


If you would like to register for one or both of our seminars, please follow these steps:


Call (510) 251-1544 with your credit card handy, or visit OaksterdamUniversity.com/michigan.html




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