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Renewing Your Card

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I have a friend who's wife let her card laps. Can she still submit renewal paperwork or does she nee to start from scratch?


If her card is expired, then she would not be able to do a renewal. She would need to submit an app for a new card. (My understanding of MMMA 333.26428 is that she would still be covered by the Affirmative Defense.)


According to the MDCH Administrative Rules, Rule 17,

If an applicant fails to comply with subrules (1) and (3) of this rule by the expiration date on the registry identification card, the registry identification card shall be considered null and void and of no further effect. The applicant may submit a new application to the department.

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My renewal is no good. Denial letter wrote 16 June 2011. Sent to me registered mail 17 July 2011. Letter stating in not so many words "you messed up your app. (put my ssn where my cg ssn needs to be, same cg last two years.) Your to late to submitt a renewal form, so start over sucker. Oh by the way, we'll keep your 100 bucks untill you ask for a refund."


Hmm..new department, same ol' BS!

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