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Dickinson County Compassion Club "tools For Schools" Program

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The "Tools for Schools" program is a great program we are doing in our area through the Dickinson County Compassion Club(DCCC); and being such a worthy cause, i am hoping noone minds that i am advertising here.

The "Tools for Schools" program is one of the ways we, DCCC, are trying to reach out to the community, gain support and trust from local area residents, all while normalizing our function in the community as an educational patient support group.


100% of donations go directly into the classrooms, into teachers hands where students will benefit the most. DCCC is matching some initial donations and donating all time and effort.


Our goal is to supply all the Teachers in as many Schools as possible this year with a basic supply package. We will alternate schools in the area until we are able to do all of the schools in our area every year.


Each teacher will receive a package consisting of:


gross of pencils

few reams of paper





subject books


reward stickers



grading pencils

facial tissues

paper towels

pencil sharpeners


colored pencils


... and several other items to help teachers and to supply students.


This is a great program and i can only encourage more cannabis groups, clubs and businesses to engage in or adopt community minded programs. This project has allowed our group to foster relations with local police, churches, businesses, schools, teachers, principals, PTA, school boards, city councils and has brought us good karma amongst local citizens and the general public as a useful organization within the community.


We ask that donations be sent to:


Tools for Schools Program

Dickinson County Compassion Club

c/o 513 Iron St.

Norway, Mi. 49870


Checks made out to:

"Dickinson County Compassion Club"


We can use any size donation from $1 to $500+.

Thanks in advance to anyone that's willing to help!


Here is one of our basic brochures language and i would appreciate any donations from individuals, businesses or other compassion clubs that are willing to support our charity work.




The Dickinson County Compassion Club is a local non-profit educational and patient support group that meets monthly in the Dickinson County Library in Iron Mountain.


The Tools for Schools Program is the DCCC’s second and most ambitious community help project to date. In the past, the DCCC has held successful book drives for the Friends of the Dickinson County Library.


Dickinson County Compassion ClubTools for Schools Program 2011


Recently, our local elected government officials, Sen. Tom Casperson and Rep. Ed McBroom, voted to institute a new state budget that cuts $470 per public school student in Dickinson County. Many of these cuts will come directly out of general supplies fund that are bought through the schools each year to supplement the needs of teachers. Teachers spend money directly out of their own pockets to help supply students in the classrooms with the Tools they need for education.


To help offset these costs to the Teachers, The Dickinson County Compassion Club, a local educational and patient support group, is raising contributions from local businesses and citizens to obtain an assortment of school supplies to be used by teachers and their students.


The DCCC’s goal for our first year of the program is to raise at least $5000.00 to provide individual packages worth $50.00 or more to each teacher at chosen area schools.


Each package will contain an assortment of supplies to be used by students, such as pencils, paper and crayons, as well as teaching tools and incentive rewards.


A list of all businesses and major private contributers that donate to our program will also be included in each parcel if requested. Thank You for your Donations.


Tools for Schools Program

Dickinson County Compassion Club

c/o 513 Iron St.

Norway, Mi. 49870

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