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Planet Greentrees For Wednesday August 3, 2011 Webisode # 53.5

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Planet Greentrees For WednesdayAugust 3, 2011 Webisode # 53.5




The Medical Marijuana Community’sNumber 1 Radio Show


Every Wednesday night from 8:00-10:00 p.m.


Hosted by: Attorney MichaelKomorn.


Listen live: at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/planetgreentrees


Or Dial (347) 326-9626 and listenon your cell phone (dial 1 if you want to speak on the air).




Topics Tonight


The pending Legislation intendedto eradicate the MMMA program, what is this community’s response.


Medical Marijuana -Do peoplestill maintain that it has no medicinal value?


The Federal Government continuesto lie to the American people


Let’s talk about safe, consistentreliable access for sick people. What model is the right model for Michigan?


Looking for any input ourcommunity may have.


Bill Schuette: your attorneyGeneral, why his opinion ignores the concepts of safe access and the voter’sintent.


It is our intent to provide asafe comfortable environment for the medical marihuana community to discuss theongoing complex issues that are influencing our community.


As always, I welcome your legalquestions and will attempt to provide some answers.


Let’s make tonight’s show allabout patients. All too often the focus of things gets off track. Let’s try tobring the discussion back to how to help the sick people. The critics of thislaw have never tried to understand the truth: which is that people all over theworld for thousands ofy ears have found that cannabis is medicine.


Please join us tonight for a verySpecial 2 hour Episode of Planet Green Trees,


Tonight’s Show is sponsored by:


KOMORNLAW 18006563557


The Michigan Medical MarihuanaAssociation.


Special Thanks to MMMA


Joe Cain




And all the Moderators


(Thanks you for the hard work youdo for this community)


The American Medical MarijuanaAssociation


Tonight’s Premier Sponsor


Jay VanDyke


Michigan’s Choice 1248-750-1000


Komorn Law 1800-656-3557




None of the content of from thisshow or any other show should be considered legal advice, and is merely attimes the opinion of lawyer. Please do not rely upon anything said in this showor any other show to believe what I say will protect you from an arrest, orprosecution or other penalty.


Michael A. Komorn



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