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Hey guys, I'm starting up a coco grow with a drip system on a drain table and I'm a little confused on making my own drip system with only one pump in the reservoir, and I have a few other questions hope you guys can help me with.


The plan is to have a 4x4 table to hold 4 plants and use a 8" cool tube with a 1000w hung vertically in the center of the girls and rotate them daily to allow the light to get everything, my first question is what size reservoir would you recommend for 4 plants in flowering? I flush every Sunday so I'm not worried about being used up so I was thinking a 25 gal would be enough but I don't want to learn the hard way. Also a little confused on how to determine what size pump id need to adequately water 4 flowering plants to get the best quality and quantity obviously. The last question is how to split the pump to feed all 4 plants, I know about the fittings to split air pumps but I wasn't sure if that would also work for in the reservoir?


Thanks in advance, if I'm leaving out any necessary info let me know

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You could run a 1/2" line from your pump to one of these...



Then 1/4" to your drippers, or you can just adjust the flow rate to each outlet on the manifold and use no dripper. You won't need a whole lot of pump to run one manifold. Put your pump on a timer to match your feeding schedule and you're good to go there.


I can't speak from experience on this, but I've read about a ton of people running coco with no flush. What some people are doing is running House and Garden Drip Clean to avoid any build up and that seems to be effective, from what I've been reading. Do you plan on running drain to waste or back to the res? I'm looking hard at the coco too and I'm thinking water once a day through veg till you get a little run off and see how once a day goes in flower, and go to twice a day when they get thirsty.


Another option is the blumat drippers that keep them watered for you. They're a bit pricey but they look pretty cool. Check it out.


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