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I have a plant that showed male while still in veg and its only a few weeks old. I'm keeping it alive to collect the pollen but I'm wonder at what point and how can I collect it. Then at what stage should I sprinkle the pollen on female plants... Do I do that right when they first start to flower? The strain of the male is purple widow by the way... thanx for any input u guys can give me...


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Depending on the size of the plant, you can sometimes cover the male flowers with a plastic bag to collect the pollen, and keep it off of unwanted flowers. Smaller plants have even been put inside XXL ziploc bags to isolate them. Whenever the pistils are open they will accept pollen,once they turn brown it is too late. The more of them you get the pollen on, the more seeds you will end up with.

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It's a little labor-intensive but over the years I've found this to be THE safest way to handle pollen:



1. Place a brown paper bag over the male plant or branch that you'd like to collect the pollen from.


2. Tie bag closed around trunk/branch and mist bag with plain water until damp. Cover with plastic garbage bag.


3. Shake branch vigorously to dislodge pollen. It will now stick to the inside of the damp paper bag.


4. While bag is still damp carefully remove it being careful to keep the paper bag contained within the plastic bag. Tie plastic bag tightly and double-bag

again for good measure.


5. Move swiflty while paper bag is still damp. If it dries carefully open plastic bad and mist paper bag once more. This keeps the pollen "glued" to the inside of the paper bag. Place bag(s) over plant or branch to be pollenated. Tie tightly and carefrully as before.


6. Shake plant of branch vigously. Allow paper bag to dry completely overnight.


7. While bag is still dry give it another good shake. Carefully open plastic bag and again mist the paper bag completely. Carefully remove both bags being careful to keep paper bag inside the plastic bag. Tie and double bag the plastic as bemfore and remove from area.


8. Sit back and congratulate yourself for being so slick and for precisely pollenating the plant or branch you wanted to while leaving the rest of your girls unmolested.




I've done it this way for over 20 years and have never had a stray seed appear. By keeping the paper bag damp it keeps the pollen glued to the bag and keeps it from floating in the air and seeding not only your crop but every crop within a half mile radius!


At one point, using this technique, i had a single mother plant produce five different crosses simultaneously. This was in the days before digital cameras and taking pictures was taboo unless you had a Polaroid camera. It was quite a trip to see the difference in bud developement between the sensemilla (seedless) branches and the five different pollentated branches. Back then I was considered a mad scientist for pulling off such a crazy feat. I did it just to prove I could and for once it actually worked!


It reads much harder than it is. Just keep the paper bag damp to keep the pollen under control and all will be well. it's a great way to quickly, safely, and effectively pollentate and until someone teaches me an easier safer way I'll sltick with it.


Hope this helps!



May all your grows be green,



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