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Holiday Candy Wreaths Available For Sale.


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Hand made Candy Holiday Wreaths. Custom Orders accepted. Can do most any shape, cost, or size (within reason ofcourse).


hey all. Considering we dont have a General For Sale area here, and i didnt want to muck up the current f/s threads with this type of post, i figured i put this here for anyone interested.


These have been family tradition since i was a kid. i cant recall not having to set around the house and tie candy from holloween up to xmas. lol lots of fun times. We have been giving these to family and friends, and 10 yrs ago, started to sell them to others wanting to give them as a gift, or have around for snacking thru the holiday. we can make these with pretty much any type of twist wrapped candie, like these or the tootsie candy.


So as we set around tieing up candy today, I thought why not share these with you folks, so you can share them with your friends, family and co workers, church or other groups your associated with. Im just posting up the first one made this year. This one is a 6 inch wreath. 10s, 12s and 16s available. larger sizes would be custom as would shapes such as a snowman, xmas sleigh, xmas tree ect... We will get a small snowman made up and i ll post that photo when its ready so you get an idea of the possibilities.



Small Candy Wreath shown- 25.00 plus shipping.




This is a 6 inch hoop candy wreath made from assorted candies. over all size is approximatly 10 inches with candy. Comes ready to hang, with fold up scissors to nab a piece of xmas treat. These are great for around the home, shop, office, or even club, and make terrific gifts.



PM me with any questions you have.

Thanks for sharing a bit of my family memories and happy holidays.



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