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Review On Boldtbags Improved Hash Bags Cone Design

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So I was reading skunk magazine when I stumbled upon these bags and though I have to get a set and try them because my current 3 sets of regular design bags were a pain in the but and all clogged up. I have purchased a 4 bag small cone set and some two washing machine bags.


I plan on throwing in some east coast sour diesel, which is drying and some Sam the skunkman Original haze X Skunk1!!!!


I am really pumped to put some of that super sativa OHXSK1 in and get some of those tiny sativa trichomes collected. I had some of this hash last year while snowboarding in colorado, IT FU@KING CHANGED MY WORLD MAN!


So I am still waiting to take some stuff down but will have the final report up soon, In the mean time I am going to get the washing machine ready. This is my first time doing a washing machine run so if anyone has any advice tips or tricks please throw them down!

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