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New Compassion Club..


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http://www.centralmichigancompassionclub.com/ About them: The Central Michigan Compassion Club is an organization of patients, caregivers, family and friends that care about people. The Central Michigan Compassion Club is not a dispensary; we don't sell or exchange medical marijuana in anyway, shape or form. Because our meetings are held in a public place, no medicating is allowed anywhere in or near the meeting location. We are not allied or obligated to any group or organization. We want to network with other clubs around the state for mutual support and sharing of information and resources. The Central Michigan Compassion Club is self directed by those people that attend the meetings and become involved. There Mission Goal: t is our mission to see that all Patients in need of medical cannabis will have access safely, comfortably, and as inexpensively as possible through the efforts of competent and caring Caregivers. We also have the mission of networking and connecting with all other clubs in the state of Michigan for mutual support.


Our goal is to educate the population and provide resources for patients and caregivers. We conduct social events and provide a safe meeting place. We also provide a base for city and state wide community activism. We will stay current and informed on all legal issues pertaining to the use and cultivation of medical marijuana to protect patients and caregivers from harassment and prosecution. This is a another place for people can go meet and greet..ANd learn..Hope to see all of you there..Next meeting is Dec1st,2011.. Meetings are held on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm

Our meetings are handicapped accessible Thanks in Advance..The Mayor..



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