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Gov. Chris Gregoire Seeks Schedule 2


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Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire seeks marijuana

reclassification to allow doctors to prescribe it


OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire and

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee have filed a petition with

the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration asking the agency to

reclassify marijuana so that doctors can prescribe it

and pharmacists can fill the prescription.


The governors said Wednesday they want the federal government

to list marijuana as a "Schedule 2" drug, allowing it to be

used for medical treatment. Marijuana is currently classified

a "Schedule 1" drug, meaning it's not accepted medical use for

treatment in the United States and can't be prescribed,

administered or dispensed for medical use, according to the DEA.


Washington voters approved a medical marijuana law in 1998.

That law gives doctors the right to recommend --

but not prescribe -- marijuana for people suffering from cancer

and other conditions that cause "intractable pain."


Earlier this year, Gregoire vetoed most of a bill that made major

reforms to the state's medical marijuana law, saying state

workers could be prosecuted under federal law the way the measure was written.


The legislation was passed to set clearer regulations on

medical marijuana use and to establish a licensing system and

patient registry to protect qualifying patients, doctors and

providers from criminal liability. Gregoire vetoed provisions of

the bill that would have licensed and regulated medical

marijuana dispensaries and producers. She also nixed a provision

for a patient registry under the Department of Health.


The Associated Press


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