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hey MMMA community, im doing a few new strains, so id figured id share. i just recently typed a thread but x'ed out of it on accident and dont feel like typing it ALL over again,sorry for the big long run on sentence so in short im growing TGA's qleaner and agent orange, the qleaners are on day 56 the agent orange's are about 5 in tall (seedlings), Other strains growing include Indigo Flow, Indigo Flow x Amnesia Haze, Viet black x neville's haze, Alpha desiel x OGK shortened to Alpha Kush ( my personal fav), Deadwood ( sweet pink grapefruit x Katsu bubba kush) x VISC's making whoopee Incredible , Apollo 13(G.A.C) x D'mans Cheese. and ill be getting a few more cuts of some new TGA stuff soon. the only thing thats flowering is qleaner, i threw ADOGK , a13xc, a super vegged qleaner that was a double embryo seed , and IF into flower last week so you will be able to see the devolpment, im done typing put on your bibs :P







IMG_0127.jpg This is Pure IF

IMG_0136.jpgIFxAH looking forward to this one

IMG_0126.jpg some moved to flower

IMG_0137.jpgdeadwood#3 tight short bush for sure super tight internode spacing

IMG_0134.jpgstill growing like this, niceeee

IMG_0135.jpgunmarked clone if i had ot guess i think its either DW#3 or a Ax13 pheno



IMG_0125.jpgsome 11 day old qleaners, picked the best 3 phenos out of the ones im flowering now labled them A. B. C.




the flower room. any plant that has buds on it is qleaner, threw a-13, alpha kush, and the bigun qleaner vegged for over 45 days, i will give weekly updates on them.

IMG_0173.jpg ill start at back row left and work right then front row left to right qleaner,a-13xCheese,qleaner,runt qleaner...Front qleaner,Alpha Kush, Qleaner


IMG_0172.jpgA13xCheese Indica









IMG_0171.jpgmulti cola monsters



IMG_0170.jpg Qleaner vegged for 45+days



IMG_0144.jpgcool lookin nightshot




those pics were a week or two old, here are some ones taken this week


IMG_0210.jpg A-13x cheese




IMG_0208.jpgalpha kush


IMG_0207.jpg topped indigo flow


IMG_0206.jpgtime for water, this is a 40+day vegged qleaner


a few diffrent qleaner phenos all organic dirt, one more grape y and one more lemony all treated with hi-brix compost tea goodness























ill be keeping this updated with a smoke report to follow

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im hoping to help with strain feedback in hydro and dirt. so without furter ado i give to you my grow-------------------- <revised sorry for the mess>-------------


these are the 3 hydro plants i have growing there all qleaners i picked the 3 best phenos out of the dirt ones im currently growing to do a hydro run labled A,B,C also started doing a myco root dip on my hydro, seeing a very noticeable root difference hundreds of even smaller feeder roots that i never have seen in all my runs with my method (lucas method) i knwo the myco wont live in my res but the parts of the roots that aren't always underwater are way more furry so i believe its working quite well what do you think?














IMG_0215.jpg A roots








IMG_0222.jpg agent orange's


IMG_0223.jpg labeled


IMG_0224.jpga-13 x cheese







IMG_0226.jpgindigo flow x amnesia haze


IMG_0228.jpgDeadwood #3 This girl grows like a bush













IMG_0236.jpgnew additions






IMG_0239.jpga tasty hi brix tea brewd with earthworm casings brix seaweed kelp and budswell bat guano flower mix



IMG_0240.jpgmy arsenal of orgaincs


IMG_0241.jpgsoil mix


IMG_0259.jpgMy garden



IMG_0260.jpgkeepin would be thieves out



IMG_0262.jpg]this is the 6x12 room i have yet to finish, water hookup and some other things left to do still, but ill be getting it done




i have a a13x cheese , alpha kush, qleaner, pure IF into there second week of flowering and 4 qleaners that are at day 55 here are some pics of the flower room and the goodies inside. If anyones wondring those are banks of t8's i belive 32watts a piece x 4 bulbs x3 fixtures its roughly 400 watts of extra side lighting that really helps bulk up that tiny popcorn stuff at the bottoms :-)

all the budding plants are qleaners



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things have been moving fast, harvested up some dirt qleaners and have some growing in hydro, everything is doing good, have any q's ask away







IMG_0011.jpgvb x ah






IMG_0013.jpgdrying room




IMG_0007-1.jpg pheno a



















IMG_0018-1.jpg i think it smells better then looks


IMG_0017-1.jpg out of focus














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here is a little update, everything is going good the IF x AH seems to finally be bulking up a bit in dirt and in hydro. I also picked up a new toy at the local hydro store, its a USB 35x lighted scope that aslo takes pics on your computer, super neat i took some pics of the 67 day Qleaners with it there at the very bottom. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! Grow On!IMG_0002-3.jpg IF and IF xAHIMG_0003-1.jpg VB X NHIMG_0004-2.jpg Subcool Agent OrangeIMG_0005-3.jpg Starting to show some vigorIMG_0006-3.jpgIMG_0007-2.jpg Deadwood X FIIMG_0008-2.jpg Qleaner FIMG_0009-2.jpgIMG_0010-1.jpg geez! qleaner day 15 flower


qleaner2.jpg qleaner 35 x a winter wonderlandqleaner1.jpg Some ambers qleaner.jpg:) Until Next Time

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Very impressive, a couple of things;


Move your thermometer closer to your plants, if not on one of the buckets, with where it's at in the pic your sampling the temp of your fluoro's.


Careful with the fan being so close, some leaves will take the breeze as stress, the goal is to move the air around the room-not blow it into the plants.


Very thoughtful with the lights on the walls, your gonna see some very impressive 'side-colas' with that.


Very impressive roots, what is your air flow rate per site?

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ah very thoughtful advice, two totes are powered by a 600gph sunleaves pump, the one with the monster in it also has amicorpore airstone, http://www.deepwater...enDiffuser.aspx , with the othe rbeing powerd by 3.5w aquarium pumps, not sure on the flow rate of those.The root systems In this style dwc are usually very large, cant wait to see this monster qleaner in a few weeks. Ive seen nice big side colas before plants seem to like it in that corner getting 1k and the two banks there



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thanks, startign to look into some co2 enrichment, i have most of the parts for the controller valve, missing a DIN power cord. By the end of tnext month i should have it setup, ill have to figure out what controller i want to run was looking at this http://www.hydroponics.net/i/136472 and thats decent price for an all in one unit, anyone have any thoughts on co2, usage, controllers, DO's, and DONT's? my room is 260sqft would it be expensive to fill that space up with co2 for what the plants would require, or not a cost efficient endeavor






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quick update




IMG_0002-4.jpg not sure if this is more sativa dom or what but its getting pretty lanky


IMG_0003-2.jpg Pure IF is looking very nice so far, should be pretty solid in hydro


IMG_0004-3.jpg bumped up to 10 gal pot with revised coco mix, will go into flower in a week or so


IMG_0005-4.jpg viet black x Nevilles haze topped today


IMG_0006-4.jpg Agent orange


IMG_0007-3.jpg IF x AH ---- IF roots i gave them a myco treatment today so should see some nice roots in the next week, im just going off of what i see in the flower room a.t.m the qleaners i t treated with myco are showing some explosive growth, mabey thats more due to the strain but i dont see having a few extra thousand roots sucking up nutes a bad thing.


IMG_0008-3.jpg i swear im not giving it steroids day 19


IMG_0016-2.jpgohhh i may oh hit hydro gold


IMG_0017-2.jpgALOT of nutrient flowage


IMG_0014-2.jpg inside bigun


IMG_0010-2.jpg other pheno i have to look at pics and sort out what is really what haha


IMG_0012-1.jpgthis is the qleaner that was slower, behind a week and some days



no bud sites just quite yet


IMG_0013-1.jpgpure IF


IMG_0011-1.jpg heres one for the plant doctors seen this a few times before, any idea what causes this im not a expert

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my father built them for me, as far as i know he just cut and planed some lumber, made racks to go in between them and stapled some screen to the back, im not sure the screen he used, its a heavier metal like something you'd find in a older window,they do have 4 wheels on the bottom for rolling them from room to room, those can be found at walk-mart in hardware for a few bucks. These have worked awesome for me, sometimes if you have a really heavy bud it will kinda get smushed on one side from its own weight but if anything its just aesthetic, that can be remedied by tuning buds more often if that would bother you, im sure if you spent a few bucks for some 2x2's or had some old lumber laying around you could make one or a few with minimal effort  

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------UPDATE TIME-------


qleaner day 26 growing rapidly



keeping her fed



may need a hand saw to cut this one down lol


upper part of plant



inside foliage



nice cola potential



apollo 13 cheese 46 days




IMG_0007-4.jpg deadwood #3 very little stretch



qleaner F day 46 leaning a bit for light penetration


IMG_0013-2.jpgtasty cola



pure IF around 40 days

IMG_0030-1.jpg IF closeup


IMG_0014-3.jpg this is IF x AH just put her in a cpl days ago



right about 21-22 in looking sativa dom to me..


IMG_0016-3.jpg alphaOGK


IMG_0018-3.jpg closeup


alther cuz its tasty


IMG_0019-3.jpg the other deadwood x FI cutting


IMG_0020-2.jpg node explosion


IMG_0023-1.jpg the other qleaner that s short and bushy, dont let its small size fool you its super fast, smells of lemons already, and getting frostier every day



day 26


IMG_0027-2.jpg the other "slower vegging" qleaner flowered on 12/16



made some slight changes for best light usage, smaller plants, medium plants, then large ones, while all staying close to tops of canopy rght now its 2 1'ks and a 600w

IMG_0034.jpg pure IF darn those leaves are getting FAT


IMG_0035.jpg IFxAH


IMG_0036-1.jpg an apollo 13 x cheese im LST'ing



IMG_0038-1.jpgagent oranges found one male

IMG_0039.jpg only one viet blk x nh was female, going to bump it up then flower it in the next week


IMG_0041-1.jpg some future seeds i will squeeze in at some point. TGA subcool JAcks CLeaner 2,

a cpl suges pure kush x nl x ogk // bubba kush x deep chunk. i have grown out one of those but it hermied on me a few weeks into flower, so im going to try to grow it in dirt and see if it likes that more. and was also able to snag some more alpha diesel x OGk hoping for a BOMB donkey pheno in there


will have a harvest here soon, be flushing for that and taking random pics keep checking it outtt

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Hey Mod,

I have found that safety pins from the dollar store work great for anchoring your LST wire to the smart pot rim. Just loop the wire through the eye hole in the safty pin and attach the pin to the smart pot. This makes for easy and fast adjustments.

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