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Republican Primary $10 Million Cost Puts Politics Over People

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Aren't Michiganders Fed Up Yet!

Michigan Republicans Closed Primary Will Cost Tax Payers $10 Million Dollars



Voice: Rep. Woodrow Stanley,


Flint-Sen. Richardville is playing politics after cutting the School Aid Fund $470 per pupil, cutting revenue sharing and welfare assistance for children, while taxing the elderly and giving business tax breaks. He and Speaker Jase Bolger proposed a $10 million Republican primary election which was hastily passed Sept. 20. Republican big government is taking money from the people and paying for their politics. $10 million has already been appropriated to hold this unnecessary, partisan election, all to be paid by Michigan taxpayers.


In 2004 during a similar economic strain in Michigan, the Republican leadership voted against having such a primary for the Democratic presidential primary. Furthermore, (Republican Majority Whip) Rep. Pete Lund suggests this is a pure form of democracy, saying “We welcome all the people in the state of Michigan,” but fails to mention there are separate ballots and that this is a closed primary. In other words, every Michigan citizen is paying for an election of which only a select few Michigan citizens can participate. I am extremely dismayed at my Republican colleaguesrushing through another piece of legislation that is not in the best interest of Michigan’s citizens.


With that much money, my hometown of Flint could hire 150 more police officers, increase funding to our crumbling schools by $4.5 million and keep families with children from losing $2 million in assistance and still have some money to spare.


The Republican regime eliminates millions of dollars from local budgets, takes benefits from kids, attacks education and pillages the fixed income of the elderly. Sen. Richardville and Speaker Bolger are promoting Republican politics as usual with Senate Bill 584, while hurting the people...


This is another example of the Republicans choosing politics over people...!!!




Michigan GOP approves closed primary




Michiganmag-glass_10x10.gif Republicans have voted to hold a closed primary election to choose 2012 presidential convention delegates.


The Republicanmag-glass_10x10.gif State Committee on Saturday approved the recommendation of the party's Policy Committee by a vote of 92-17.


Supporters say it's a more inclusive way of choosing delegates than a convention or caucus.


Under Michigan law a closed GOP primary would mean that people going to the polls would have to declare themselves Republicans before casting ballots.


Some who opposed the measure say it's closed in name only, since voters can say they are Republican.


State law calls for a presidential primary to be held next Feb. 28 but lawmakers could change the date.




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10 million thats nothing how about the dems spending 20 BILLION dollars on air conditioning for miltary tents.....talk about a waste.. for a war we shouldn't even be in



Making sure our fighting troops have some type of comfort from 120* heat is a far cry from this and trying to draw a parallel between the two is disrespectful to our troops.

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Making sure our fighting troops have some type of comfort from 120* heat is a far cry from this and trying to draw a parallel between the two is disrespectful to our troops.



Could'nt agree moregoodjob.gif


we wouldnt have to CARE for our troops if we didnt have a fake war


I am afraid you will have to thank the republican advisors and G. Bush for that onguard.gif




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