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Get Your Medical Pot At School

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Get Your Medical Pot At School


Rae RAMSDELL, the state's manager of the medical marijuana program, raised some eyebrows at a House committee this morning when she answered a legislator's question about where patients could get their product now that the dispensaries are shut down by flippantly saying a local "high school."


When asked to clarify by Rep. Brandon DILLON (D-Grand Rapids) during the hearing, Ramsdell added a "university" to the mix.


Contacted later in the day by MIRS, Ramsdell said she was making a "flip comment" and, on reflection, she said she shouldn't have made it.


"The law doesn't say where a person can get medical marijuana," Ramsdell said. "Where does a person go? I don't know."


Under Proposal 1 of 2008, a state-licensed caregiver can grow their own medical marijuana for themselves and five others who have their state-issued cards, but it provides no legal avenue for commercial distribution.


Rep. Greg MACMASTER (R-Kewadin), who asked the original question, said he was "dumbfounded" by Ramsdell's answer.


"That was not the time to be cynical and comical," MacMaster said. "This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed."


MacMaster added that he supports the House Judiciary Committee looking into how to refine the law to make the distribution question more clear.



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I was there for this meeting. Ramsdell is not the manager of MMMP, she is head of the department that is responsible for all medical licensing, i.e. doc's, pharmacy, nurses, and MMMP. That said, she really appeared to have risen to a level of incompetency. The remark was made after she also told the Rep's that


- one could be a caregiver at 18

- there is no fee revenue for caregivers

- and one can have 5 plants per patient


After the meeting I questioned the chairperson about her lack of knowledge about the program and how it brings into question voracity of the info she provided about why cards are late. He agreed that he knew her answers were wrong and they are working on the situation. Regrettably there were too many people demanding his time to have a long discussion, but at least he appeared to positive regarding our concerns And, he is a republican.


Brandon Dillon is definitely a friend of the mmj movement. He is from eastside of GR.

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