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Mike Shirkey Heading Jackson County Campaign For Right-To-Work Advocate Gary Glenn


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Michigan put the world on wheels and fed the arsenal of democracy. Our unions enabled our workers to earn a living wage and provide for their families. Now the Michigan Republicans want to turn Michigan workers into third world slave laboroers...

Low wages and no healthcare for the vast majority.


Mike Shirkey heading Jackson County campaign for right-to-work advocate Gary Glenn




"Glenn said he and Shirkey share "a common philosophical passion" for making Michigan a right-to-work-state."


The average worker in a "right-to-work" state earns about $5,333 a year less than other workers. Health insurance coverage for the families in "right-to-work" states is much lower. Workplace deaths and injuries are about 51 percent higher, largely because unions can't speak up on workers' behalf.


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