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Joe, I'm Having Problems With The Site

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for the last couple weeks the tools in PM/post manager haven't been working for me. I can't post a picture or link. I can't change the size or color of text. also, can't highlight a word or phrase in PM. sucks


now, this morning I can't start a PM. I can reply to someone in my in-box, but can't initiate. I couldn't sent this via PM, that's why I posted

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If you run a hide IP program, sometimes a setting or settings need to be tweaked.

Also, make sure to let any firewall know to allow the programs and trusted web sites through that you feel safe with.

I know you already know this stuff Bri', I just wanted to put it out there for others who may be having issues. I recently went through some similar stuff.

Best of luck Bri', we need you to be fully functional as a mod here!


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Personally Id suggest Ditching IE and get firefox or opera IE is rated the worst browser to date its all messed up






I have been using Firefox since beta release and I have never had a single issue with it same with opera out of the browser Id rank em





Wyzo 3



the dreaded IE

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