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Alabamas Mm Proposal


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If you have a few minutes, check out the proposal for Alabamas Medical Marijuana Program. It allows for 2 caregivers though only one can cultivate. Not sure how that works. They also have outlined compassion centers. All in all, so long as they implement it, its not too bad.





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Just wondering if u knew anything about Ohio . I heard they had an awesome bill written up and were collecting signatures but have heard anything else . Ohio has already been decriminalized since the 70's for an ounce and under . For the most part I never had a cop give me crap in Ohio. A couple $100 civil infraction tickets and that's it . NOW if u have a bowl papers couple different bags of meds they can give u a drug abuse charge which is a misdemeanor but the only people I know who got one of those were being complete a holes to the police . So as much as I love the great state of Michigan , if things don't change here I'm moving back if they pass the law there . I hears they have co ops , dispensaries , clubs and about everything else covered in their bill . I's dotted and T's crossed .

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