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My wife and have experienced what the patient community is going through as well as the advocates. Separate people, lie if need be and attack the weakest at their most vulnerable. I did not bring the police to my home, they were welcome to knock, ask questions and proceed to move forward, instead we are sufferring our children are suffering as well as countless others. Where is the Justice? I read every bill every amendment, I am truly amazed no one sees the pattern. This Law was meant to protect patients, and folks that help them, how come no cops, proffessionals or the like as quoted in the Law have paid their 1000 dollar fines for using medical info and sharing it in cases? Who prosecutes them? They have pre-empted this by placing a clause that exhonerates themselves. I have seen this divide and conquer strategy used many times in my life but never so blatantly towards the sick and meek. I find it interesting that the prosecutors are not handling the parts of the Law not up for debate and enforcing the Law in instances where they have clearly violated.I have been depending on a few close friends to keep me in meds and got told cards won't be a reason to get a warrant or raid someone, MSP spokes person said it is a crime!!!Well? Where are the arrests for those crimes being committed daily. Internet is only one tool, we need more voters and media to get the message across. These proffessionals think I should die sick and miserable and alone because of marijuana? Really? There have numerous lies and stories told but the truth shall set you free. Oh! Maybe not in Michigan right now.What? I have been watching these posts for years and years, went on TV news papers and spoke as to my opinions at the Capitol yet being persecuted cause they offer up rewards of sorts to folks that demean me and lie about me, so that LEO can push me over some proverbial edge? Really? Michigan Reps words are valid, be careful everyone and stay free. Those that have helped my wife and I and our children have a place in heaven, those that descend, laugh, mock or act as though I am looking for hand-outs, or think I will harm them to save myself,(shame on you), you will be in my prayers. We really need REAL support, we have quite a few friends not involved with the program assisting us in differrent ways, I did nothing to my wife and she did nothing to me or our children. Those people will live in the seeds they sowed. I am asking for real support here. I have two Dr.s that have recomended my treatment, stayed and stay under count and took care of my patients,read King case, as well as others and will stay in the KNOW? I cannot really get into details yet, but this is new one to me, I was and always would be in compliance... Stay safe everyone and please work towards unity and be dilligent. They have a Hansen led Bill that says our Health Care is our business, maybe he should be heard...? Please Support Us.....Rich & Kim

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