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Eeexhg02 Researching This Cross

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I see several folks posting here who seem to have a lot of knowledge about the older west coast genetics. I wonder if anyone can shed any more light on these strains, I wasn't able to find much online. I was gifted a few of these seeds, and haven't been able to find out much about them. I believe the gift-giver was given these genetics from some very long-time old-school growers in Oregon, who were interested in land-race genetics.


The EEE is (erkle x erkle) x erkle. HG02 is Heirloom x Green Queen pheno 2.


I found the most information on the green queen, although it was all pretty much contradictory. The only reference I found for Heirloom was a couple mentions of Heirloom Kush, which may or may not be the same.


I grew out a couple of the seeds, which sadly turned out male. They started behaving like I was told they would; heavily indica, huge leaves with unusual blade patterns like double-toothed. Since they didn't make it to the flower room, I couldn't check out the color-changing that often happens with these. Late in flower, about week 5 or 6, these plants have been know to turn color. Often this is a black bud, but red, gold, and blue shades were hinted at. Not just a tint, but Acapulco Gold-colored gold and Panama-Red red, if you remember those buds.


Anyway, about to have room in my rotation to start a couple more of these seeds, which got me wondering about them again. I'd love to hear any information any of you might have...I'd even love to hear some guesses, google has really failed me on researching this.

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Farmer Liz,

Wish you had tried Reverse to maybe save them.

I've never heard of Reverse, but I'm pretty close-minded about any kind of chemicals...


I was reading somewhere about throwing plants directly from seed into 12/12, that it tends to make more females. I might try that with this next batch. I've been pretty eager to run these, would love to see some color in the garden!

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There may be others, but Klaas has the most complete cannabis database I know of right now.




Best of luck. :bong2:


Thanks Kevin! I had checked there I think, went back and looked again. Nothing on the erkle or heirloom or green queen.

Not that it really matters, each seed is its own unique being, but I do like knowing what to expect, and look for.


I'd love to raise up something unusual, and unknown in this area. If any turn out excellent, I'll be totally willing to pass genetics around.


Thanks for the help!

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