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Time To Stop The Harassment

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Don't you think it is time to stop LEO from harassing us? Don't you think it is time to force the politicians to uphold the laws (ALL OF THEM), including Act 1 of 2008. They are sworn to uphold the laws of this great state and they do, the ones that they agree with.


My idea is this (I'm sure that this isn't an original idea - but the time is now), write your stories and try to get them published in the editorial pages, blog pages, main stream and side stream media, every where we can. Please include as many details as you can especially the details of how you were mistreated or even talked down to. We can not allow the public to believe that we are just having a big party, some of us are truly in need of this medicine and for others of us, this is the only medicine that we can tolerate.


Write your stories and send them off to every news outlet out there. I know that many of them will not publish your hard work, but some will and those we must find. We also need to keep working on those that will not, they can change their minds, they sure won't if we don't try.


If you can't write, send me your story as best as you can and I will try to help, double space your story to make it easier for me to edit, I am not concerned with spelling, grammar nor punctuation. I'll be the first to admit that I am no writer, but I will try to make it a coherent article. I'm also hoping that there will be others out there who have some editing ability who would also volunteer to help. We simply can't set back on our azzez complaining any longer if we aren't willing to try to help ourselves we deserve what we get.


I for one am tired of waiting for the Cavalry to come and save me, it's time to become proactive. If any one else has any ideas to stop the slaughter, I'd like to hear them. Now, roll up your sleeves and go to work, we have a job to do. The time for talking is past, now we must act as a community.

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