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Patient's Dr. Quit Her Because Of Mm. Need Help Finding Her A New Pc

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So, the title pretty much explains the situation. Looking for a medical cannabis friendly/tolerant primary care physician for a long time patient of mine. Her Dr. fired her because she refused to take morphine instead of MM to relieve the pain associated with her glaucoma. She has multiple qualifying conditions (multiple cancers, arthritis, glaucoma) so there should be no concern amongst ANYONE that she is a legitimate patient in need of relief. I told her I'd put out feelers to see if anyone could recommend a cannabis tolerant Dr. in the Flushing or surrounding area? She isn't looking for someone to issue a recommendation (she already has hers) but for an ongoing, primary care physician. She is covered by medicare and medicaid (I know that sometimes makes a difference.) Anyone out there have any suggestions?



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I'm currently on my 4th, DR. to control my pain. All four have released me due to my use of MM, all have each approved of my use of marijuana, but have each stated since their facilty didn't prescribe it I therefore violated their pain contract. So as I type this I myself have again found myself without a Dr. or any pain meds.. Good luck on your journey,


I'm done with pain clinic's, If you or your friend is having issues with your Dr. check if its a pain clinic, or a family Dr., pain clinics make you sign a contract which is why they keep giving me the boot.. I/She needs a regular freaking Dr. that will see you regardless of your lifestyle, if you sign a pain contract your eventually gonna get the shaft if you use any form of mm..




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