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Corruption Expanding: Your Elected Representatives At Work ...

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Corruption Expanded...


Presidents #2 pick and the likely succesor to the Hilary, JKerry, husband of the hienz ketchup fortune, will help Obamma and his cohort ag along with m.leonhart dea, will conspire with Mexicos new president Penas Nietoo, to take the draconian "drug war" now celebrating 51 tears in existence, to new record levels of ignorance not seen in the World since the discovery of Nucleaar Power and its corallary development by our "military industrial" nanny, beginning in 1936, 76 yrs back. Or the Cannabis tax ACT of 1937 the following year. law


more soon check back at your liesure. . .


This from the guy who outed ONorth and his affairs with Coke and Contras back in the Reagun Presidency1986. . . and the beat [down] goes on ...

Kerry Committee Report



...just readin this on the Latino line, guess Kerry slid in handily to his appointed/annointed spot ysterday.

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