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Coconut Oil/rso Capsules

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I'm searching for a method and dosage of combining coconut oil and RSO in a capsule for my mother to take for cancer.  I wanted to use  RSO infused peanut butter since I'm familiar with it and know the dosage. But was told that coconut oil is better for RSO release in the body.  Preparing it would be no problem but putting into caps might be since it needs to be warm enough to be put into a syringe to be put into caps but whenver I've put heated substances into caps the caps tend to deform or melt.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.   Also has any one any knowledge of the use of RSO with Vulva cancer or after a vulvectomy

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A shot glass in a warm water bath works well.

Do your math ahead of time, maybe even a practice run is a good idea.

Large capsules hold about half of a ml of oil.

25 ml makes 50 capsules. 

Add whatever rso you need to the volume of coconut oil needed, mix well,  then fill caps with an oral syringe.

A rice sized blob varies from about 25 to 35 mgs  in my experience.


1 gram/ml rso added to 25 ml of coconut oil makes 50 capsules @ about 20 mgs each.

It may seem a little intimidating at first, but with practice it only takes about twenty minutes to make a batch of 50 caps.

Store in fridge to prevent leakage. 


Good luck.

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