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Study: Marijuana Use May Reduce Risk Of Bladder Cancer

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Thats a good read, Ive always wondered if using mm was why my brother and I havent had a heart attack as early as my dad and his dad, my dad had is first heart attack at 43 yrs old, his dad died from one at 63, Im 50, my brother is 53 we both abused our bodies way more then my dad and his dad! the only dif was my bro and I used mj most of our live's, My pops and his pops went thru some bad alcoholic years and so did my brother and I, me, my dad and my bro are all alive still, me and my bro dont drink we both still use mj, my dad is in defib, and he has had skin cancer, He is the only one with cancer on his side of the family that we know of!


Ive just been wondering!


I have always beleived that everyone has cancer in them, it just takes something to set it off, (JMO) also when my mother was pregnant they use to give her speed, the real deal, what ya think is that why im bald, bawahahahahahahha! :hair:





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