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Flower To Veg


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a friend of mine handed me over his plants do to issues he is having. he already had them in flower for close to 3 weeks. here are my issues if in fact they are even issues. issue number 1 I only have room in the bloom room for two of them at this time so i placed the others back into the veg room, will reverting them back to veg from 3 weeks of flower hurt them or stunt them in any way? issue number 2 the two that I placed into the bloom room I transplanted to bigger pots but my 12/12 light cycle is at different time then his was he had his set from 10am to 10pm mine are 7pm to 7am. will they adapt to this with minimum issues or am I risking hermaphroditism or other problems?

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Flower to veg shouldn't hurt them, personally i've forgot to clone a strain & had cloned a lower branch bud,it went back to veg after like 4or5 weeks,(no hermie)... but you have to keep a close eye on them,checking for balls..


As far as the light schedule goes, just keep'em in the dark for a day24hrs,then introduce those ones into your flower room..


Side note:

I refuse to put other ppls plants in my rooms, without some sort of quarenteen first.@ least a week, two,to be safe. nothing like thinking you scored only to find out those plants could walk away on their own with all the bugs on them. . . .


One ounce ...hell one gram of prevention is worth pounds of Cure!!!


Good luck!




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It is what it is now. You don't have the room so you are doing what you can. Just watch them. 


Yes, going from flower to veg can cause stunted growth and most likely will as it is a shock to the plant. Chances are they will

bounce right back after about a week or two after they shake off the funk. But the growth wont be dramatic. They will slowly

start to recoup and slowly start the process up again. 


Yes, going from flower to veg can cause hermie plants BUT that doesn't mean they will. Any time you drastically change the plants environment 

or stress them there is the small chance that something can happen. I would be lying if I said there was no chance. But again, that doesn't mean anything will happen. 


Overall, I think you will be just fine. Don't over water them, because you will most likely see a reduction in water uptake. 


As for the light cycle, the plants have an internal clock sortaspeek. It is extremely accurate, but not down to minutes and hours like we are used to. 

You can put them into dark for a day or two as suggested above, it will stress them out a little bit as even on cloudy days plants still receive UV. 

But they will bounce back just fine. In an ideal environment, you would have an extra room to put them into to run the same light schedule that they are used to, and them day by day moving it 1/2 hour towards your goal schedule. Also keeping them in this room will allow you to watch for pests or problems, but if you are using bag soil, you probably already have pests or problems to deal with occasionally anyway. 


/ramble over. 

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these are the only ladies I have that are in soil. I'm not to worried about bugs and other critters, I have never really had an issue with pests other than some earwigs. I normally clean both rooms at a minimum twice a year and by clean I mean I pull every thing out wipe down everything with bleach water floors,walls, hoods and anything else that can get wiped down I then spray with a heavy duty bug killer vent the room for a couple hours then replace all the equipment and plants. last summer I introduced lady bugs in to the garden which I believe helps as well as adds a nice touch to the rooms. I plan on doing it again this year. so pests are for the most part not an issue. I also sprayed the plants down with azamax before placing them in the room.

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