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Questions About Getting Certified

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Hello, my wife and I were certified medical marijuana users a while ago. We stopped using medical marijuana for a couple years because we wanted to have a couple of kids as we obviously feel it is irresponsible to consume marijuana while pregnant (if at all possible.)

She has a long medical history of bad back pain from both a chiropractor and her family doctor.

My question about her is this...
She is now pregnant and will deliver in July, do you guys think that a clinic certify her now?

I ask because I plan on growing our own meds, it takes months to grow, get setup and by the time we actually would have usable medication she will have delivered the baby. She has anxiety and depression, she is afraid of post pardon depression (she had it very bad with our first born) but would like to try to stay off of prescribed medications as she feels its more healthy for her to consume cannabis to help with both her mental pain and physical pain.



As for my questions,


I have been to my doctor about 5-10 times to try finding out what is with the pain i have in my joints... I wake up with stiff joints and sometimes they swell up. I have been diagnosed with psoriasis so we think it is psoriatic arthritis. I have also seen a rheumatologist but he just looked at me for 5 minutes and told me I didn't have rheumatoid arthritis, which i didn't think i had to begin with.  I have a real fear of doctors because of a true case of PTSD so all of this was painful for me... I had 5 heart surgeries when i was younger and it is very hard for me to set foot in a hospital or doctors office...


the diagnosis i had for psoriasis was when I was a child, I have no idea if it is still on file now, that was in a different state and my medical file is like an encyclopedia. 


i have been prescribed some heavy duty anti inflammatory for arthritic symptoms (which is stated on the label.)  



My question is I know that I suffer from chronic pain, but do I have enough medical testimony to constitute having a medical marijuana certificate?




Thanks in advance,



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