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First Ever “Cannabis Roll” From Taylor, Mi To Wash, Dc!

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From Michigan to the White House: Marijuana Activist Plans to Roll Wheelchair 520 Miles for Legalization




saw a flyer for the cannabis roll at a pizzaria in southgate. couldnt figure out what it was for.

now i see its a very long wheelchair protest!




Friday, June 14, 2013
6360 Fellrath Taylor Michigan to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC.

Curtis G. Kile is going to roll his wheel chair from his home in Taylor Michigan to the White House in Washington DC in support of the legalization of marijuana. I invite you and President Obama to meet me at the front door of the White House on July 4th 2013. I am also looking for donations to cover the expenses of the roll and parts for my wheel chair. I dedicate this event to my late father Charles C. Kile founder of United Marijuana Smokers Of Michigan
If you can help please send your donation to: Curtis Kile 6360 Fellrath St. Taylor Michigan 48180 For more info. call 734-752-0118.

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United Marijuana Smokers of Michigan

--was the first medical marijuana advocacy group here in michigan....formed in the 70's--


i was a member then and Chuck Kile was a dear friend--


a true medical mmj advocate way ahead of his time and the curve-


-Chuck did alot to help people understand the medical benefits of mmj before people even thought of it as a medicinal alternative


--in the 70's!!


he gave it away freely to anyone that needed it


medical use of mmj saved Chucks life and he was living proof and gospel testimony to anyone that would listen-

and he made sure he preached it loudly!


if you are from taylor or were around there in the70's this guy was the one who made it safer there for everyone else-


--now his son has taken up the banner i see--


Chuck helped to raise the collective vibration of mmj use here in michigan for many many years at the expense of everything he owned-

-his family knew his strong belief and hope for medical mmj

He was a very strong and vocal proponent


the mmj community here has lost a great and strong warrior--and a very loud and respected voice for our plight


R.I.P. Chuck!!

--> this blunts for you and all you did brother!

i will miss the flower out of your enthusiasm and wise insight-and the awesome activism you helped to bring into the light


one thing i remember well about Charles was ...

he was destroyed by the michigan drug czar after he had a head to head debate with him in front of the michigan legislature inthe 80's


he vicerated the drug czar in front of the legislators with education and information that couldnt be disbuted-

when the debate was over i think the drug czar got replaced and Chucks house was raided for the 'first' time that christmas eve!


i remeber him telling me when i asked what happened he said "i pissed someone off in lansing" is what the MSP told him when they raided his house


i am saddened to hear he is no longer alive and active-

-now i understand more of the medical scene here

this guy would have made a huge difference in the state of affairs here in michigan IMHO


i urge anyone with a compassionate wallet to support his sons effort to bring attention to the cause

a dollar or a hundred would be well served for the cause of mmj patients everywhere--


please support this guy if you can-

i will be!!


power to the peaceful!

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