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Connoisseur Nutes: I Was Gifted A Liter Of Part A (3-0-0) And Also

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a liter of Part B (2-4-10).  I have seen the Connoisseur name in grow rooms but that is my full acquaintance.  Whose used them and any opinion of their value as nutes?  The gift giver (who is not on this board) ran on about how they give superior results to anything on the market.

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Advanced connisuer? Or something else? Ive tryed all the advanced lines, sensi line has given me the best results out of the other advanced lines, gh lines and fox farms. Have not got around to doing a run with h&g yet, but i do use there roots excellurator, bad donkey stuff, does exactly what its supposed to.

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Yes, the sensi base nutes. Getting hard to find the non ph perfect stuff. I didnt like it but after talking to a rep i know why. There meant for ro water, if not ro water you need to bubble in for about a day. Roots excellerator i think can be used in water(havent tried it in dwc yet)too but after rooted, feed it to them. You will need bigger pots. Price tag is around 70 bones for 120 ml i think but at about 1ml per gallon it last awhile, and you really only need to use it for a few waterings.


The connisuer was good but pricey, i only did two runs with it and didnt notice much of a dif between sensi and conisueer.

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