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What To Do About Pcp/pain Docs If Using?

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PCP: primary care physician, by the way! :) Not the drug!


My husband is currently not under pain control with what his PCP is offering. We're finally seeing an anesthesiologist on the 26th after 2 crackpot addiction specialists that say they treat pain. One said Suboxone was the only thing he'd prescribe - made my husband nauseous, dry heave, no sleep, throw up all he ate, and the doc said that's all he could do: "It will take a couple days for you to adjust to it, and any time you have a dosage change this will happen" when it did NOTHING for his pain. The other said to deal with the symptoms of Phenobarbital when after 5 doses my husband acted out his dream with asleep and CHOKED ME - took 10 seconds to wake him up and he had no recollection of what he did, just that he was dreaming he chased and caught someone trying to hurt our family and he was trying to kill him. Yep, sure, we'll just deal with the symptoms. Idiot.


Because of the severe pain, his cousin asked him to try MMJ when we were out of state - it's the only thing that helps him after a car accident. It worked great, epsecially in conjunction with another pain med he's on. So my husband has been using enough to keep his pain generally controlled during the day along with his other meds. But we're about to see another doc and I don't know what to do.


Considering these docs we're seeing are Univeristy of Mich health system docs, should we avoid the conversation? Should we be frank? Our view: find a good solution with medication to the pain and such problems, and no need for MM. But, if we don't find a good solution with current available meds (we'd LOVE dilaudid in a way, as it works great... but that's way too addicting and he couldn't watch the kids then!), then MM is a great option. 



So, frank and honest or mums the word? What if they want to do a pee test? We don't want to lose our whole doc situation, and they are all interconnected. :( Just worried. 



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well theres only two ways it goes.


you tell the doctor about your mmj and he drops you.

you dont tell the doctor about your mmj and he pee tests, then drops you.

its company policy to drop mmj patients in many hospitals/clinics.


most people recommend talking to a regular long term doctor who will understand mmj + prescriptions.


the thcf was working to get a pain clinic up, might want to call them.

some of the doctors who specialize in patients with mmj also write scripts like dr bob. so if you have a long medical history and follow all the rules, he might be the right doc for you.

good luck!

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